Provide a recent HTML, JavaScript, or PHP code sample that you feel best showcases your abilities.

This is a toughie as I've done so many things with HTML; probably the most recent thing I created was HTML5 compliant web pages where I incorporated CSS3 transitions and pseudo-elements. Here is a snippet. I make it a point to always hand code my web pages and stay away from WYSIWYG editors in order to have full control of the inserted source code. At times, it seems like making edits to HTML pages become redundant if the site only uses HTML (like making changes to the menu) when a include is a lot more efficient (PHP or JavaScript) and should have been implemented.

As far as JavaScript, feel free to go to my github repo. and take a look at some of the examples, I used Angular there and is a new framework (developed by Google) which utilizes some of the more powerful aspects of JavaScript. But I created a Quiz App which was my favorite because I styled the whole thing with bootstrap which also utilized jQuery and was very enjoyable for me as I liked how nice bootstrap can be.

PHP is another animal entirely and is injected into the source code (as long as the server can support them), I use it to handle all my forms (it's very secure) data and talks nicely with a MySQL database (and can be made so sql injection attacks are not an issue). I love using SSI's as it makes maintenance/updates a breeze. It also recognizes SESSION variable which help with login pages. Wordpress and other popular CMS's use it as it totally free and widely supported.